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Sunday, August 12, 2012


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Thank you for posting this article. I am the mother of 4 children. I went through a bitter divorce 8 years ago. My 3 older childern(who are now young adults)sought me out because they did not beleive all their fathers lies about me but my youngst son-who is 16-is still entrapped by my ex husband. We are all very worried about him. We have not spoken to him or seen him in 8 years. But, I want want to focus on one point you made about others being alienators. My husband did remarry and his new wife also enables my ex to alienate his 3 older children. They have not emotioanlly or financially supported our 3 older kids in those 8 years. But-I was not prepared for how my ex's husband's family would also alienate the kids after we divorced. Not only did they alienate, but they sided with his words and actions of hate directed towards me and once my 3 older children wanted to be a part of my life-they abandoned these kids that were their grandchildren, neices and nephews. I can understand the hate directed towards me, but it is so unwarrnted to direct hate towards your grandchildren and neices/nephews because they chose to love me as well. My children are devestated by this. It truly is child emotional abuse. I am also trying to bring awarness to PAS as I don't want othr children to suffer the way my children have.

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